Bagpipe Tune Repertoire

Bagpipe Marches:

  • Liberation Pipe Band (4/4)

  • Green Hills (3/4)

  • The Battle is O'er (3/4)

  • Heights of Dargai (9/8)

  • Festival March (9/8)

  • Bonnie Dundee (6/8)

  • No Awa' tae bide Awa' (4/4)

  • Shoals of Herring

  • Highland Laddie (2/4)

  • Bloody Field of Flanders (3/4)

  • Castle Dangerous (3/4)

  • Green Hills of Tyrol (3/4)

  • When the Battle's Ore (3/4)

  • Heights of Dargai (9/8)

  • Scotland the Brave (4/4)

  • Rowan Tree (4/4)

  • Kilworth Hills (3/4)

  • Lochanside (3/4)

  • Cock o' the North (6/8)

  • Duncan McInnes (2/4)

  • Lord Lovat's Lament (4/4)

  • Mairi's Wedding (2/4)

  • Murdo's Wedding (4/4)


  • Braes of Mar

  • Orange and Blue

  • Caber Feigh

  • Susan Macleod

Bagpipe Slow Airs:

  • Amazing Grace

  • Flower of Scotland

  • Skye Boat Song

Bagpipe Reels:

  • Blackberry Bush

  • The Red Fox

This list is not exhaustive of the full repertoire, but illustrates the variety of music that can be performed for your event. 

  • Marches (M): as the name implies, these tunes are meant to coincide with the rhythm and pace of marching. These tunes are ideal for entering or departing an event. Marches work well with nearly any event including weddings, parties, and parades. Bagpipe marches typically come in time signatures including 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, and 9/8.

  • Strathspeys (S) and jigs (J): meant primarily for dancing, these tunes feature quick, unique beats.

  • Reels (R) and hornpipes (H): slightly slower than strathspeys and jigs, but still upbeat and lively.

  • Slow Aires (A): these tunes are generally slower and showcase the reverence and haunting beauty of the bagpipers. These tunes are typically used in memorials and commemorations, but can be used for golf course sunset ceremonies or even weddings.

Additional tunes available by request and time permitting.