Memorial and Funeral Bagpipe Tunes

The atmosphere of memorial and funeral services tend to reflect the character and personality of the loved one. As such, it's no surprise that the music for services range from more traditional, solemn tunes to the more upbeat and cheerful tunes you might find at an Irish Wake. Below are some of the most commonly requested tunes - categorized by their setting:

Upbeat Tunes

  • Green Hills of Tyrol (M, 3/4)
  • The Battle's Ore (M, 3/4)
  • Miss Lilly Christie (M, 6/8)
  • Scotland the Brave (M, 4/4)
  • Heights of Dargai (M, 9/8)
  • Festival March (M, 9/8)

Slow, Reverent Tunes

  • Amazing Grace
  • Lord Lovat's Lament
  • Highland Cathedral
  • Shoals of Herring (M)
  • Sgt. MacKenzie
  • Taps (for military)
  • Flower of Scotland
  • Skye Boat Song

Additional tunes by request based on availability