Bagpipes at the Inn at Spanish Bay

Bagpipes have a special way of capturing a moment and imprinting it on our memory. From moments of joy and celebration to grieving and sadness to awe and wholesomeness — many people are able to recall the times, places, and feelings felt when hearing the sound of the bagpipes.

In the Bay Area, perhaps no place is more well-known for its use of bagpipes than the Inn at Spanish Bay by Pebble Beach and Asilomar. Over the years clientele have recounted their personal stories about the sunset performances at Spanish Bay and what a moving experience it has been for them.

While Piper Jonas has not yet had the opportunity to perform at Spanish Bay, he has been asked to play many performances in the sam style, including his sunset performances at the Boulder Ridge Golf Club near Almaden Lake in San Jose. Due to the interest and questions around Spanish Bay — below are some of the common questions around the bagpipes at the Inn at Spanish Bay:

Frequently asked questions

Q: What days are the bagpipes at the Inn at Spanish Bay?

A: The bagpipes play every day, regardless of the weather.

Q: What time does the bagpiper play at the Inn at Spanish Bay?

A: During daylight savings time, the performance begins at approximately 5:45 p.m and lasts for 45 minutes. During standard time, the performance begins 30 minutes prior to sunset.

Q: Where does the Spanish Bay Bagpiper play?

A: The entire performance takes place between the first tee and second green at The Links at Spanish Bay. The bagpiper starts the performance in front of the STICKS restaurant and continues until reaching the Spanish Bay fire pits.

Q: How many bagpipers perform at the Inn at Spanish Bay?

A: There are currently 6 bagpipers in rotation for the daily performances.

Q: How long have the performances taken place?

A: The tradition of having a bagpiper play at sunset dates back to its opening in 1987.

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