Bagpiper for Weddings

Bagpipes for Wedding ceremonies

Bagpipes have been a part of weddings for centuries. Whether greeting guests as they arrive, leading the processional, or playing out the newlyweds in the recessional, bagpipes are a versatile instrument that can make your celebration memorable for all guests.

As wedding planning can be a complicated and time-consuming process - the goal is to make the experience of hiring a bagpiper simple and straightforward - allowing you to focus on enjoying the day.

If you're interested, please contact Piper Jonas for a free, no-strings-attached consultation to discuss ideas for the ceremony/reception and answer any questions.

Hired [Piper Jonas] for my daughter’s wedding. My son-in-law has Scottish heritage. Lots of compliments from his family. Arrived on time and played very well! Thank you again.
— Jodi G.

announcing the newlyweds

bagpipes for receptions

Once the ceremony has concluded it's common to have the bagpiper help transition the mood from the wedding to the reception party. In most cases, couples will use the bagpiper as part of their grand entrance and be "piped in" to the reception or dining hall. Once the guests have all arrived, the DJ or live band can then serve the entertainment for the remainder of the evening.

creating the moment

Bagpipe Tunes for Weddings

The repertoire for weddings varies from slower, more regal-sounding tunes to lively, quick-march tunes. The tune selection can be influenced by several factors including the wedding venue or the desired mood. Visit the Tunes page to find the more commonly requested wedding tunes. 

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