Building a Brand

Those who've followed "Piper Jonas" over the years might recognize some major changes. While all brands undergo some natural evolution, there are also times when a more dramatic 'refresh' takes place. Somewhat poetically, the Piper Jonas brand has grown and developed in parallel with my bagpiping skills and experiences.

In the last year, however, I've devoted more attention to creating a separate brand identity. In the past there has been a bit of co-branding - layering Piper Jonas over the branding of the band I was affiliated with at the time - including several different band kilts and other uniforming pieces. But this "refresh" is meant to create a distinct look wholly unto Piper Jonas. 

Embroidery example of custom logo

Some of these components have already been rolled out including the logo, website, and collateral, but more is still to come. The next major focus will be on uniforming and "onsite" presence. I've taken a first step in designing and ordering a custom bagpipe bag cover from who are the same bag cover makers for Simon Fraser University (SFU) Pipe Band, St. Laurence O'Toole (SLOT) Pipe Band, and Inveraray and District Pipe Band. For those not familiar with the World Pipe Band Championships held in Glasgow, Scotland each year - these bands combined have won the Grade I Championships seven times and tally twenty-one 2nd and 3rd placing trophies over the last 32 years.

Douglas Modern Blue tartan

Following the bagpipe bag cover, I will also be updating my uniform from head to toe to match the color scheme of a new kilt being made in Douglas Modern Blue tartan. The new uniform will draw on more of the navy blues highlighted with more royal blues and whites. In addition to the uniform, I will also be considering a new set of fully-engraved sterling silver bagpipes. I haven't decided on the bagpiper maker yet, but for any of my piping friends who have recommendations - I'd appreciate your input!

Most of the changes are planned to be completed before the 2018 season.

Carry on,

Piper Jonas